The cornerstone of anti aging medicine is to identify and treat nutritional and hormonal deficiencies specific to each individual.

This personalized approach to a patients health helps optimize one's health and prevent disease by understanding the symphony of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress levels as they interact with a patients risk factors whether genetic or environmental. Traditional medicine

views aging as a process with inevitable decline associated with complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and cognition- an overal general decline of one's quality of life. However, a more holistic approach allow doctors trained in anti aging to focus on optimization of each individual's health, disease prevention and wellness.

Our clinic uses an integrative approach to health- using functional homeopathic, ayurvedic medicine along with traditional medicine. Our additional

areas of focus are bio-identical hormone replacement, focusing on women's health issues related to PCOS, hirsuitism,

adrenal fatigue, integrative approach to cardiovascular health- which includes metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, gut disorders, depression, functional approach to autoimmune disease, and cognitive enhancement-brain health: attention and memory disorders, nutrient depletion in athletes, homeopathic applications to metabolic medicine, individualized weight management and life style coaching.