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The concept of sound body, mind and spirit and the intertwined relationship of the three have been taught since ancient times. Our modern world, however, is different - plagued by poor health, fatigue, and depression. Simply put, we live in an environment that contaminates the body, mind and spirit. We have found ourselves in a world of toxicity, and in fact have been treating this with more toxins. So often, modern/allopathic medicine neglects the individual as a whole entity.

At Purify, we aim to change that.

Dr. Komal Bajwa-Bhuller MD and Dr. Mandeep Bajwa MD, with their years of experience in some of the most advanced healthcare systems, bring a fresh perspective to medicine. It is through their wider scope of practice, that they are able to align a natural and holistic approach with the best of modern medicine in order to purify your beauty, health and wellness.

Dr. Komal Bajwa, MD

Anti Aging, Family Medicine

Integrative Functional Medicine

Clinical Homeopathy

Dr. Mandeep Bajwa, MD

Board Certified, Family Medicine

Aesthetic Anti Aging Medicine


Gurshan Bajwa

Stress Management, Yoga,

Weight Management, Personal Trainer

Health and Wellness Coach

Dr. Komalpreet Bajwa, MD

Anti Aging, Family Medicine, Integrative Functional Medicine, Clinical Homeopathy

Raised in the sunshine of Los Angeles but rooted in eastern principles, Dr. Komalpreet Bajwa brings a fresh perspective to her practice. She has a passion for learning and teaching, which she feels has been a driving force in her philosophy in life and with patients. Having started her medical career in the cradle of civilization, Karnataka, India, she was led in pursuit of more thorough approaches to health and wellness. After attaining her M.D. from the Medical University of the West Indies, she went on to complete her allopathic training with a residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Following this she became a physician at Kaiser Permanente to solidify her background in allopathic medicine and primary care.

Her continued thirst for learning led to her pursuit of a diploma in homeopathy. After this exposure to a largely untapped treasure trove of therapies and medical knowledge, she then continued to build on her foundation with a fellowship in anti-aging and functional medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging. She has used her training and experience in all these disciplines to weave the concepts learned, into a new fabric of medicine.

“The mind has a powerful influence on the body and this plays a central role in patient care”. This philosophy has allowed for her to focus on preventative medicine and impact a patient’s overall health from a multifaceted, multicultural, multimodality and multidisciplinary perspective.

Dr. Mandeep Bajwa, MD

Board Certified, Family Medicine, Aesthetic Anti Aging Medicine

Dr. Mandeep Bajwa, a Southern California native grew up in the greater Los Angeles area. She is a graduate of California Lutheran University. After this she traveled to Europe to gain a more worldly perspective on health and medicine and earned her medical degree from the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. Her international perspective led her back to the US to complete her residency and training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Throughout her pursuit for seeking disease prevention and health, she found the first barometer of health was the skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body in terms of surface area and weight and moreover serves many functions. Our skin essentially becomes our calling card as we present our faces to the world day in and day out. Life events affecting the aging skin can include hormonal influences, illness, trauma, environmental exposure, and of course the natural process of aging. Dr. Mandeep Bajwa has trained in a fellowship in aesthetic medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging. This training provides her with the knowledge to intervene to slow the aging processes so our patient’s can look and feel their best.

Gurshan Bajwa, MBA

Stress Management Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach.

"Bigger, Faster, Stronger" has always been the mantra throughout his athletic career. After having moved to Santa Barbara to study Economics, his focus was once again limited in perspective. He began practicing meditation independently at the time to find balance but ultimately continued onward to a provincial future in economics.

He has broadened his horizons with studying international finance. It was through this journey in his life and education that drove him to seek balance. He began to understand that the tripod of stability was not about "Bigger, Faster,Stronger", but about the mind, body, and soul.

Gurshan began to emphasize this with personal endeavors striving toward his goal as a whole person which ignited a passion to learn and lead. He began to pursue yoga instruction focusing in yoga research and yoga therapy through a partnership with SVYASA University in Bangalore, India. He then also complemented this study with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers to bring balance and strength and ultimately health to those he works with.