Integrative Medicine

Holistic - Homeopathy - Medication Management - Nutrition - Chronic Illness and Lifestyle Management

Integrative Medical Services


Adrenal Fatigue




B12 Shots

Bio-Identical Hormones

Cardiovascular Health

- Hypertension

Chelation (Heavy Metal)

Hormone Replacement

Digestive Health



Food Allergies/Sensitivity

GI Health (Gastro-Intestinal)

- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Live Blood Analysis



Natural Skin Rejuvenation


Sports Performance

- Endurance

- Strength

Stress Management

Women's Health



-Hormone Regulation

-Pre-Natal care

-Pregnancy care

-Post Partum care


Integrative Health Consultation

We treat and prevent medical illnesses with homeopathic and nutritional support as a first line treatment in order optimize your health, and minimize the use of pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to improve your health by minimizing the toll taken on your body by a traditional approach.

Through out our years of training and working in today’s health care systems, we have found the “traditional” methods of medical practice have proved inadequate to treat patients entirely and as complete systems. Rather, our experience has led us to find modern medicine only allows us to treat individual disease processes thus dehumanizing the experience of illness and pathology.

Pharmaceutical therapies that cause a plethora of side effects and/or mask symptoms only allow physicians to utilize partial treatment plans. We aim to apply a more effective approach by treating the body and mind at the source of the illness. It is through our unique blend of eastern and western medicine backgrounds that we are able to provide an integrative approach to treating patients, not just disease.

We provide nutritional counseling, therapeutic yoga treatment plans and life/health coaching to further augment and improve the bodies and minds, and therefore lives of our patients. As physicians, we take into consideration the diagnostics, as well as, technology available in western medicine and incorporate them with homeopathy, nutrition and functional medicine. We also incorporate aesthetic/cosmetic procedures to augment therapies so that patients achieve wellness from the inside and out.

Consultations/Office Visits

We offer Acute (30 minute), General Health (60 minute), and Comprehensive (90 Minute) based on the health needs of our patients and the number of health issues they would like to be addressed.

Acute Consultations are for patients with a specific issues, injury or illness.

General Health Consultations will cover your overall health and will allow us to address all of your health concerns, as well as the necessary treatment, care and preventative care needed. In addition to any health concerns, we will work to improve your overall health and wellness.

Comprehensive Consultations are in depth health assessments that will cover your entire health makeup. We will address your general health, but also make recommendations on lifestyle, diet, nutrition.

During our Nutrition Consultation we will develop a nutrition plan to improve your health. In addition to the plan we will formulate recipes based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

If additional time is needed please let us know so we can personalize your visit to suit your needs.


We recommend you contact your insurance company prior to your visit to confirm your level of coverage with an out-of-network provider. The information we have provided below is intended to help those of our patients with PPO insurance better understand how they may be reimbursed for services provided by Purify Health.

Generally those patients with PPO coverage can be reimbursed for all or part of their visit with our Doctors The amount of reimbursement you receive from your insurance company depends on your specific plan, your co-pay and your annual deductible. Also, many insurance plans set limits on the amount that a subscriber may be reimbursed for an office visit.

How our payment system works, is that we ask you to pay for services rendered by our office at the time of your visit. We accept payment in the form of check, credit card or cash. At the time of your visit we will provide you with a copy of your superbill which you will need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. The superbill is a detailed medical receipt that contains procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and the fees charged for your office visit. Please note patients with HMO plans, Kaiser coverage and Medical/Medicare will not be reimbursed, we will still provide those patients with a superbill.